about me

my name is Samuele Sciacca.

Born in 1997, since I have been 12 years old I have got a deep interest in digital and all it's shades.

Today I am 20 years old, and I am working with micro and macro game realities, which makes me able to grow my skills.

Gaming, design, development; I interact by projects for customers, companies or important brands, with a 360 degree view ensuring the required quality.


  • Html 5
  • Css 3
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • Boostrap


  • Web Design
  • Browser Game Development
  • UI/UX
  • Logo Design


I've played video games since i was born and I still find time to play in my free time, for years videogames have been considered one of the different ways for entertainment and nowadays thanks to videogames and to gamification mechanics we are able to make enjoyable things that otherwise would be boring, so that the employee or the client can be involved.

I suppose that inside a videogame each part have to have its own attention. After having coded some video games during the last years, now I develop videogames with tools that allow me to finish always by the deadlines, spending most of my time to decide the right design, sounds and musics to use.

Here it follows an interview that took place some years ago, right after my first pubblication of a videogameHere.



I started to be interested in web since the age of 16. I was curious how to create and publish a website so I decided to start to learn from online videocourses, books and guides on internet, after years I am still here and I want to learn a lot more.


Before to develop a website I prefer start to transform an idea in a photoshop design. In this way before to start coding I or my clients can see the final result of the project.

Final result


Logos for clients and personal projects.

Created using: Photoshop and Illustrator

Samuele is able to develop complex games and to explain the principles of game development. He had a very practical approach with a good ability to reach the goals. Samuele's strength are certainly the curiosity and the flexibility in the learning field.

Daniele Ugolini

Web Developer

I have been contacted Samuele for the development of a Website and a Logo, to improve my online appearance; His professionalism and complete availability satisfied all my requests.

Fabio Di Giuseppe

Musician, composer, sound designer.

Samuele has skills out of the ordinary. Young, brilliant, competent. His abilities allow him to move from one project to another without problems. It's been a pleasure to cooperate with him!

Riccardo Russo

Digital Strategy
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