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Advergames are one of the most innovative advertising strategies in the digital age, characterised by non-intrusiveness, a loyalty-building effect and the ability to educate users by having fun. Samuele Sciacca is now specializing in the development of Advergames. He wants to exploit the potential of video games to enhance the interaction between brand and consumer.




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About me

Samuele Sciacca, from Italy, was born in 1997. As a young boy, he realized videogames were his greatest passion and, for this reason, he worked hard to turn this life-long passion into a career. At the age of 23, he moved to Milan and, since then he has been working with several important brands such as Cartoon Network, Motosport, Google,, and many more will follow. He has a web community of more than 30K subscribers and + 1,000 videos published online throughout. he shares his experiences and teaches how to create videogames.

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